• Understand the System. Engage the Network. Embrace Complexity

  • Our vision

    Our immediate social connections build the network where we move, and define the ecosystem we choose to maintain.

    We believe that is by acting on this network that the eternal process of change is best catalysed.

    We are stewards for that Change, responding and adapting to the Complex Challenges of current Human Systems.

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    Systems Thinking and Practice

    Understand the deeper structures of the problems...

    We apply Systems Thinking throughout our process of understanding the dynamics of the problems we are tackling

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    Complexity and Network Science

    ...and work with natural laws of change and scalability...

    State of the art modern science and technology help us connect to the natural processes of change and scalability to "nudge" the system into balance.

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    Leadership and Facilitation

    ...and holistically engage the actual fabric of Change!

    Our skilled facilitators team work directly with the agents to co-sense the deep roots of the problems and support Change by prototyping new patterns of behaviour and action.  

  • Services

    What we offer

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    Leadership Development Training

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    Strategic Consultancy

    In-house or remote accompaniment

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    Technology Design

    Emergent information systems for complexity management

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    Visual Harvesting

    Turn your meetings and events into beautiful and unique works of art


  • challenge us!

    We are always eager to embrace and engage in new complex systems and challenges.

    Do you have one for us?

  • Trainings and Workshops

    Our offer of engaging, fun and transformative trainings and workshops for leaders of complex systems

    This 2 hour workshop is our way to introduce the audience to the world of complexity systems. Managing a complex system is more about managing your own role within the system and then it is about controlling the system itself. In a fun, relaxing and practical environment, we will guide you...
    February 17, 2019
        If a factory is put down but the rationality which produces it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, those patterns will repeat...
    February 17, 2019
    This full day workshop for entrepreneurs and team leaders offers you a different perspective on social networks. We tend to use the term social network to mean digital social networks but in this workshop we will focus on the real world networks of friends, partners, acquaintances and explore the...